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QSR Insights: Connecting To Consumers Via Online Videos

In a time of fierce competition in the restaurant category, brands are continually looking for ways to connect with their current and future customers. While consumers may ultimately be looking for a deal, that may not be the deciding factor when making buying decisions.

Consumers are faced with many choices and are always seeking ways to distinguish from one brand to another. A personal connection with a brand can go a long way in a consumer’s mind. Brands that can demonstrate that they are genuine, interactive and have a personality may find they have an advantage. In this era of one-on-one communication via social media, online videos are one way for brands to achieve that.

As more and more brands understand that video content is now viewed on multiple screens, they are embracing the use of video as a component of their digital marketing strategy. Video can be an element of paid, owned or earned media but in all cases can provide an opportunity for engagement—an underlying goal of many brands. It can be an important messaging delivery vehicle that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Ruth Sherman, an executive speech and media coach as well as strategic communications consultant, was quoted in a recent QSR Magazine article talking about “tearing down the walls.” She says that video is a “unique and compelling way to connect with customers that cannot be achieved in writing,” and that it allows for “tearing down the walls to your business, to you, to your life.”

Video can open up the door to showcasing a brand’s personality or create a persona, allowing them to be seen as genuine and real. It may also showcase content other than that which is produced for other video channels such as television spots. Here are a few examples:

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, it is important for brands to be flexible and aware of their customers’ expectations. According to Sherman, companies will be left behind if they don’t embrace video marketing. “It’s a runaway train, and if they don’t jump on soon, they’re going to miss it. Because if they’re not going to do it, I guarantee their competitor will.”

How is your brand using online video to stand out?

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One Response to QSR Insights: Connecting To Consumers Via Online Videos

  1. i think that more and more we will videos on home pages, product reviews, etc. if you look at a company like Amazon, they are using videos on most (if not all) of their product pages. also, i read an article on that said Zappos is generating something like 900 videos a day to put on their website. Facts like that make your statement, “In this era of one-on-one communication via social media, online videos are one way for brands to achieve that…” all the more viable…