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Once Upon a Time There Was …

“We need help telling our story.”

When you are in the agency business, you seem to hear this statement every day of the week and twice on Sunday. And when you are in the agency business, you had better help find a solution to that statement or someone else will.

Storytelling is human nature. From jagged hieroglyphics to digital #hashtags, the idea of telling a story has always held significance. For the most part, a story tends to focus on the storyteller and how it impacts them.

Working with our client, UMB Financial, we decided to flip conventional corporate storytelling on its head. Instead of focusing on the benefits a financial company provides its customers, they understood the strong value of having customers tell the story of their own success. Check out the first video of their series which focuses on local Kansas City brewer Boulevard Brewing Company and its owner John McDonald:

John McDonald of Boulevard Brewing Company








You’re only as good as the company you keep. UMB has believed that for 100 years. And we’re inspired to serve a client who allows customers to speak for themselves.

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