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Book Review: The Brand Strategy Toolkit by Carol Phillips and Judy Hopelain

In today’s market, customers are in control of your brand image. Thus, your company needs a clear strategy for presenting its brand and making decisions that affect it.

With that in mind, Carol Phillips and Judy Hopelain of Brand Amplitude created The Brand Strategy Toolkit to walk the reader through a step-by-step process beginning with a brand audit and ending with brand activation.

Each section starts with the basics, moves on to tools and frameworks, explains them through real-life brand examples, and invites you to practice applying them on behalf of your own brand. The authors provide supporting quotes from other experts and lists of additional resources for those who wish to explore a topic more thoroughly.

The book’s deliberate combination of textbook and workbook makes it easy for any business owner or marketer to quickly work through the necessary steps to evaluate their current brand image and work toward profiling customers and target audiences, defining brand benefits and values, articulating long-term brand identity, crafting near-term and long-term brand positioning, ensuring that brand attributes are understood internally, and activating their brand across all desired touch points.

Whether you’re working agency-side or client-side to manage a brand, this book is a great starting point for rich discussions and planning.

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